5 Furry Arms to Know in China’s Growing Pet Economy

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In response to the burgeoning “Chongwen” or pet management system, the diversity of bloated KOLs in China may also increase. Based on native media company Jiemian, there were up to 25,000 pet bloggers on the short video app Douyin in 2020. Identical to online influencers, these four-legged friends can perform, cook dinner, and ultimately suggest products to their fan base.

Animal-containing material is often all the rage among homeowners and non-pets. Many Internet users find animal-related content extraordinarily reassuring, and analysis shows that immersion in animal films can significantly reduce nervousness and improve vitality and constructive feelings. On Weibo, the hashtag #500 million teens raising pets online has garnered 210 million views.

The luxurious properties will soon be geared toward four-legged friends, along with dogs, cats, and more. Not long ago, Gucci launched its luxurious range of pets that take pampering to the next level. Now fluffy friends can enjoy embracing their own GG monogrammed trench coats or cuddling up on a bespoke mini sofa mattress, items that will once again bring consumers $930 (RMB 7,910) or $7,500 (RMB 50,215).

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