Cats, Dogs, and COVID-19: What you need to know

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In December 2019, Chinese authorities told the world that the virus was spreading to communities in Wuhan, China. The following month, it quickly spread to other countries and became a global pandemic. This virus is a known coronavirus ii or Sargasso e2 linked to a severe acute respiratory syndrome that causes the disease called Covet 19.

cats can get covid

While the primary focus of health authorities around the world has been the human impact of the virus, pet owners have a slightly different priority. Can Pets Get SARS CoV2? The short answer is no, but if you’re a pet owner, you need to be alert during the current pandemic and we’ll tell you why in this One Week Demystifying Medicine we first look at what a virus is,

a virus is just a corridor around genetic material and some proteins, a virus really doesn’t have much to offer, in fact, neither it’s even a living thing because it can’t replicate, the only way for a virus to replicate is for the virus to enter the cells of the body once it’s in a cell that hijacks the cell’s machines and resources and makes millions of copies of itself, paralyzing the body to invade the cell.

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