The Importance of a Cat’s Sense of Smell

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Why Cats Smell Everything, And What They Can Tell Us:

The Importance of a Cat's Sense of Smell

The Importance of a Cat’s Sense of Smell: A cat’s sense of smell determines your cat’s quality of life. Dogs were thought to be more dependent on the smell of their environment than cats. However, recent research shows that cats are odor-oriented. Think of your cat’s personal scent as a cat identity tag. For cats, the smell is a sign of the state of their sexuality and is used to communicate, connect with others, and determine their territory.

To put this into perspective, the average person has 5 to 20 million odor analyzer cells in their nose. 67 million live in cats. (The pet most sensitive to odors is the bloodhound, in which 30 million live). While we don’t have the “equipment” to detect cat odor, we can recognize and understand behaviors caused by odor.

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